Add a fireplace and focal point to your living room

Add a fireplace and focal point to your living room

The heartwarming cheer of a fire in your home has a great appeal and is becoming aspirational again.

A fireplace often becomes the focal point of a room and a place where people gather around. It can anchor a room and create a feeling of togetherness in the space.

With the right design and complementary fitted furniture, it will transform any ordinary or plain living room into something exceptional. Whether a grand mantelpiece in a large room with a high ceiling or a simpler minimalist style integrated with the latest technology, it will be a wonderful feature in any home.

From a blank wall to a welcoming feature

This room plays host to gatherings as well as being a cosy, relaxing retreat from the rest of the house. The sofas are nearest the fireplace where people tend to gravitate. The large ottoman-style table in the middle of the room is a perfect place for books and helps the room to feel lived-in, and it’s a handy spot for people to perch and put their drinks.

No chimney, no problem

Most modern buildings don’t have a chimney. But you don’t need to miss out on the warmth, style, and ambience that a crackling fire brings to a room. Our clients in Cobham, Surrey had dreamed of having a traditional fireplace to create a cosy, comforting atmosphere in their living room. Acorn made it possible by creating a faux chimney breast and installing an eco-friendly bioethanol fire and handcrafted mantelpiece. The mantelpiece is made from natural stone, but you could have your mantelpiece made in natural wood or painted. Acorn can match any shade of colour to suit your interior décor palette.

Bespoke TV and fireplace combinations

Many of our clients want the TV screen and fireplace to have equal focus. Installing the TV screen directly above the fireplace allows both to be viewed and enjoyed together. However, this kind of combination requires careful planning and precision to achieve an elegant and balanced look, and the TV must fully heat protected.

Bespoke built in TV and fireplace furniture

A media wall with an integrated fireplace is a smart contemporary option. It saves space in the room and creates one exciting focal point. Your media wall can include a TV, soundbar, fireplace, shelving, and other features to complete the ultimate configuration.

A Bespoke by Acorn design will seamlessly hide away wiring and electrical units, while also providing space to display prized pieces with integrated accent lighting, all created around the welcoming glow and warmth of a realistic fire.

Transform your living space with a bespoke fireplace unit

At Acorn Bespoke Carpentry and Joinery, we specialise in producing custom-made, built in fireplace units. We can explore different design ideas with you and produce concept drawings to help you decide on the best solution; and then carry out the entire project from concept to completion, including wiring, decorating and other associated tasks. If you live in Surrey or Sussex and are planning to transform a wall with a bespoke fireplace unit, please contact us for a free initial design consultation and no obligation quotation.

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