The benefits of bespoke fitted media storage units

Much of our time is spent in the living room and the television is usually our favourite form of entertainment and the centerpiece of this room.

A carefully designed, bespoke fitted media unit is the perfect way to present your audio-visual technology, creating a stunning focal point whilst offering a practical storage solution. It will also conceal messy cables and wires, clunky gadgets and games consoles, stacks of DVDs and much more.

But it is essential that the design enhances the comfort, functionality and viewing experience. Choosing bespoke fitted furniture such as a custom made TV unit can transform your living room into a clutter free, organised and relaxing space for everyone to enjoy.

At Bespoke By Acorn your TV and media furniture is tailor made to suit your exact requirements, whether it be a single unit or a fully integrated, multi-purpose media storage system. Furthermore, unlike many ready-made media units, bespoke fitted ones can be made to complement your living room’s size and layout and finished in materials that match your furniture and décor.

7 benefits of bespoke
fitted media units

1. Creates storage space

Bespoke fitted media units can be built in with any type of storage space in mind, including cupboards, drawers, a wine rack, bespoke bookcase or display shelving. Hide children’s toys and living room clutter in the cupboards and display any precious items on the shelves.

2. Clears space in your living room

Ready made TV units can be bulky in order to support the growing size of televisions. They take up valuable floor space and are not built to hide electrical wires or house consoles. A bespoke media unit can be built into awkward angles, to solely support the television or as an entire wall unit where all the wires are hidden.

The common problem of tangled electrical wires can be tackled with a made to measure media unit. Once a design has been agreed, we can add holes / cable outlets wherever needed to thread cables through and provide a streamlined solution. A false back can also be attached to the unit with strong magnets to cover up the wires internally, removing them from view completely.

3. A large range of designs and materials

A bespoke TV unit can be built to match your existing living room furniture, with a large range of design and material combinations available including bespoke veneers, laminates and solid hardwood finishes.

4. Aesthetically pleasing

Buying a ready made media unit can mean that you are limited on design. These are often very basic and it can be hard to find one that fits in with your desired look for a room. Whether your tastes are perfect lines of symmetry, a more random, asymmetric look or if a minimal display is what you desire, a bespoke fitted media unit can be produced to your exact specification.

5. Changes with you

Your tastes and requirements can change over time. Even if you decide to move a component of your media set up, or add new accessories, the shelves can be totally removable to adjust the electrical wires as you require, whilst still keeping a neat display. A bespoke media system can be as flexible as you are, proving to be a great investment.

6. Provides a centre piece to the living room

A custom made audio-visual unit can be designed to fit the shape and style of any room. Fireplaces and other existing features can be incorporated into any design, creating a stylish and streamlined look. And we can bring your fitted furniture to life with ambient or practical lighting, fitting lights under shelves, or pointing towards the ceiling to add glamour and interest.

7. Storage for anything and everything

With a bespoke fitted media unit, there are no limits to what you can store. At Bespoke By Acorn every commission begins with our client. Together we’ll explore and develop your initial concepts and discuss how we can incorporate all your wishes into your media unit design.

You may have people in your family who are interested in movies, whilst others like computer games, so the cabinet can be made with drawers to store away DVDS and special shelves for the games console, ensuring each person has their needs catered for. TV projectors can also be accommodated to create a home cinema. Whatever you require can be turned into an expertly designed bespoke fitted storage solution.

If you are interested in bespoke fitted media units for your living room in Surrey, Sussex, Kent or London, then please get in touch with us. Call 01737 300 206 or email us for a free design consultation and no obligation estimate for your project.

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