Bespoke fitted lounge or living room furniture

Bespoke fitted lounge or living room furniture

Why is bespoke fitted lounge or living room furniture the best option for homes in Sussex or Surrey? We’ve compiled this list of reasons why homeowners commission Acorn Bespoke Carpentry and Joinery to create bespoke fitted furniture for their living rooms.

  1. You don’t need to hunt for the right size furniture to fit the space with all the features you require. Acorn will craft the perfect built-in furniture in the style you want and with every element tailored to your exact needs.

  1. Living rooms in period properties often have alcoves and other awkward angles, which bespoke fitted furniture can accommodate, maximising the available space.

  1. You can choose exactly how you want your fitted living room furniture to look. For instance, Acorn can match any shade of colour or style from classic to contemporary.

  1. Bespoke fitted living room furniture allows you to incorporate all the latest entertainment technology you love, while also complementing the character of the room.

  1. Built-in living room furniture can provide lots of storage. The design could even occupy an entire wall without making the room feel smaller.

  1. You can have shelving tailored to display your collections of artwork or books, with locked glass cabinets for antiques, trophies or other treasured items. Pair with low-level cupboards or drawers for easy access to everyday items that aren’t so easy on the eye.

  1. The storage can be customised too with compartments to accommodate your music, games and films or to tidy away items you only use occasionally like party equipment.

  1. Lighting can be integrated into your built-in living room furniture to add dimension, ambience or accents. View some of Acorn’s lighting designs here.

  1. Bespoke fitted furniture will conceal and organise wires, cables, controls and other distractions to give your living room a calm, pleasing and streamlined look.

  1. It is only by having a fitted living room tailored to your exact requirements that you will achieve the style and functionality you want to last into the future.

Bespoke fitted furniture for your lounge or living room

Acorn specialises in custom-making fitted living room furniture for clients in Sussex and Surrey. To invest in the luxury and practicality of bespoke fitted living room furniture for your home, contact us at Acorn or call 01737 300206 today for a complimentary consultation.


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