Bespoke hidden storage for serene bedrooms

Bespoke hidden storage

Bespoke hidden storage for serene bedrooms

Your bedroom should be a sanctuary of style and tranquillity. But if you’re surrounded by clothes and clutter, the room will look and feel cramped and chaotic.

The key to a serene and restful bedroom is bespoke hidden storage. With bespoke built-in wardrobes you can hide all your belongings neatly out of sight behind closed doors.

Made-to-measure, fitted wardrobes are much less visually intrusive than freestanding furniture too, and will make your bedroom seem larger and lighter.

Custom-made wardrobes that look like a wall

These ‘barely there’ minimalist fitted wardrobes have flush-fronted, handle-less doors that fade into the background. With a bespoke design, even a room with a sloping ceiling can conceal a great amount of useful storage space. If your bedroom has awkward angles or a tricky recess, we can create floor to ceiling storage that utilises every nook and cranny.

As well as cabinets and cupboards, wall panels are another way of creating hidden storage. Cleverly disguised doors can conceal useful storage compartments. When closed you would never know they were there. It’s an idea you could consider to store hair tools and other miscellaneous items.

Of course, made to measure built-in wardrobes don’t need to have a minimalist look. The important thing is to have a design that feels integral to the structure of the room. For instance, we were created a range of bespoke fitted wardrobes to suit the colonial style of a residence in Guildford.

View our door gallery here.

The calming effect of tailored storage

Behind your wardrobe doors, you can have all kinds of customised storage features.

Hanging rails, shallow drawers for hosiery, lockable lined drawers for jewellery, shelving for sweaters, scarf racks, shoe trays… with every item having its own place. This will make it easy to keep everything tidied away and well-organised.

Create a clutter-free bedroom with bespoke hidden storage

If you want to declutter, find out how our bespoke fitted wardrobes and other hidden storage solutions could transform your bedroom, please contact us at Acorn or call 01737 300206.


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