Bespoke luxury kitchens: pantries and islands

Bespoke luxury farmhouse kitchen

Bespoke luxury kitchens: pantries and islands

A beautifully crafted kitchen pantry and a freestanding multipurpose island are two must-have features in luxury kitchen designs for homeowners in Sussex and Surrey.

Kitchen islands add function and style

A bespoke kitchen island makes a key focal point, and gives you valuable extra storage and workspace for preparation and serving food and drinks, and can also house kitchen appliances. You could include a sink for prepping or cleaning up too. A well-designed island can also provide an interesting contrast to the rest of the kitchen cabinetry, by being finished in a bolder colour.

Old style pantries are the new trend

Pantries have seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years and have become a highly desirable kitchen feature for many homeowners in Sussex and Surrey. Usually, a small room or a large walk-in cupboard, a pantry serves as a place to store food and kitchen essentials.

With bespoke joinery, your pantry can include a combination of shelving, drawers, and racks to offer all kinds of tailored storage solutions. To ensure your pantry is well-organised and practical it should be a cool space made from durable, easy-to-clean materials. Floors and work surfaces need to be easy to wipe down and ideally made from marble or other stone which stays cool to the touch. Every inch of available space can be utilised, with shelves fitted right up to the ceiling, pull out racks and hanging rails for pots and pans.

A bespoke luxury kitchen for your home in Sussex, Surrey, or London

A bespoke traditionally made kitchen by Acorn with a pantry and island will be an investment built to last and give you decades of practical enjoyment. Please call or email us today so we can discuss your plans for a bespoke kitchen project.

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