Choosing an in-frame bespoke kitchen

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Choosing an in-frame bespoke kitchen

With the growing trend for durability and timeless style, the traditional craftsmanship of in frame cabinetry has become highly desired again for the finest bespoke kitchens.

For centuries, cabinets were made in frame. This is where doors and drawers fit perfectly into a wooden frame. Now custom made in-frame kitchens are making a comeback because they stand the test of time and have a classic, high quality appearance.

In-frame cabinet means the doors are fitted into a frame that is fixed to the cabinet fronts rather like a picture frame.

What are the advantages of an in-frame bespoke kitchen?

The main benefit of an in-frame custom-made kitchen is that it is built to last. In-frame cabinets are incredibly long lasting because the doors are made of solid wood and supported by the surrounding frame. This makes the doors very stable and prevents them from dropping or misaligning over time, even when in with constant use, which can be the case with a ‘lay-on’ or frameless door style.

Lay-on doors are mounted on top of the carcass and screwed into the side panel. Over time the weight of the door can pull down on the hinge, causing it to loosen, and the drop can drop out of line. Of course, handcrafting solid wood is more expensive than manufacturing a lay-on design, but it will make an in-frame kitchen more cost effective over time as there will be minimal maintenance or repair.

Strong and sturdy

At Acorn Bespoke Carpentry and Joinery, we custom make each door and drawer from solid wood so it fits perfectly inside the frame. We attach our hardwood cabinet doors to a hardwood frame using butt hinges. This wood-to-wood bond is extremely strong and secure, and gives the cabinets outstanding longevity. In contrast, while lay-on cabinet doors are popular because of their easy fitting and affordability, they are not as durable.

Elegant and timeless

In frame kitchens have a classic appearance. They are the perfect choice if you are seeking a simple, beautifully crafted design. At Acorn, we custom make your cabinets and can paint them in any colour to give your kitchen a contemporary or historic feel, or a unique character and style.

Are you planning a new in-frame bespoke kitchen for your home?

At Acorn Bespoke Carpentry and Joinery, we specialise in creating the exquisite bespoke kitchens for properties in London, Surrey, Sussex and across the South East of England. Each commission is custom designed, made to measure and expertly handcrafted in our state of the art workshop to meet each client’s specific requirements.

If you’re updating or replacing your old kitchen and would like to explore the design options for new kitchen, then please contact us or call 01737 300206 for a free initial design consultation and no obligation quotation