Discover the benefits of a bespoke dressing room

Luxury bespoke dressing room

Discover the benefits of a bespoke dressing room

A bespoke dressing room is the epitome of luxury, but you don’t have to be a film star to have one. Why not look at converting a spare room into a dressing room, like this one by Acorn Bespoke Carpentry and Joinery for a fashion-lover’s home in West Sussex.

By converting an under-used spare room into a dedicated dressing area, your clothes will be beautifully stored and displayed and you’ll release more space to relax in your bedroom. In fact, with the right décor and design, you could turn a corner of a large bedroom or landing space into a well-ordered and luxurious dressing room or walk-in wardrobe made-to-measure and designed around you.

How to plan a made to measure dressing room or walk-in wardrobe

The secret to designing a dressing room is to be smart with the space and tailor every available inch to your specific needs. At Acorn Bespoke Carpentry and Joinery, before we work with a client to create and build their perfect dressing room, we get them to assess the types of storage they need and how they will use the space.

So, first look at the clothes, shoes and accessories you have. You could organise them into groups to work out the storage layout and number of rails, drawers, shelves or compartments you need. For instance, you might prefer to arrange your wardrobe by colour, style, outfits or other purposes.

Also think about which clothes do you prefer to hang or fold. If you own lots of dresses you need to ensure you have enough long hanging space. Check which items you use regularly and those you only need occasionally, such as seasonal clothing. High-level shelves are useful for items that are used infrequently.

Make a list of all your accessories such as shoes, handbags, sunglasses and belts, so the storage can be tailored to accommodate all your different possessions. Don’t forget the storage you might want for make-up and hairstyling too.

A bespoke dressing room to suit your style

Start collecting ideas for how you’d like the finished dressing room to look. Would you like storage with doors or open displays so you can see everything at a glance? Most dressing rooms and walk-in wardrobes have a mix of doors and open shelving and hanging. Think about the type of doors you’d like. Sliding doors save space as you don’t need room to open them. And decide where to position a dressing table and seating. You will need somewhere to sit; to try on shoes or do your hair. A bespoke ottoman with storage is an attractive and useful option, which can be made to match the rest of the room.

Lighting and mirrors are important to consider too. Both are vitally important in a dressing room. You will need functional lighting to illuminate shelves and compartments, as well as your dressing table area and mirrors. You might also want to add a wow factor with a statement chandelier! Think about how many mirrors you need and where they should be located. The size is important too, from full-length to magnifying make up mirrors.

A designated place for everything

A custom-made dressing room can be created with all kinds of smart storage ideas, such as:

  • shoe racks and shelves with pull-out drawers for your finest footwear
  • customised trouser rails and scarf and tie racks
  • shelves above hanging rails for less used items like hat boxes
  • drawers for jewellery or watches lined with leather for luxury and protection
  • designated compartments with dividers for jumpers and jeans
  • low profile drawers for socks and underwear.

By working with a bespoke furniture company such as Acorn Bespoke Carpentry and Joinery your dressing room or walk in wardrobe can be tailored to meet your exact needs, with all the designer details and indulgent touches you would adore.

Acorn Bespoke Carpentry and Joinery is dedicated to designing exquisite, luxury interiors like this dressing room for a client in West Sussex. A combination of their ideas and Acorn’s creative expertise transformed a spare room into the dressing room of their dreams. It’s the perfect space to showcase their clothing collection and accessories while making it absolutely unique to their storage needs.

Let us make your bespoke dressing room a reality

At Acorn Bespoke Carpentry and Joinery, we specialise in creating beautiful bespoke dressing rooms and walk-in wardrobes for homes in London, Surrey, Sussex and across the South East of England. If you would like to explore the design options for a luxury dressing room with us, then please contact us or call 01737 300206 for a completely free initial consultation.