How to plan your bespoke fitted alcove furniture

Bespoke fitted storage furniture

How to plan your bespoke fitted alcove furniture

Many period houses have alcoves on either side of the chimney breast, and they can be a feature in modern homes, where a renovation or extension has created an unusual nook. Bespoke built-in storage can make the most of these unused corners, with stylish and functional alcove shelving and cupboards. When made to measure, alcove cabinets will feel like a seamless part of the room.

Transform empty alcoves with bespoke fitted units

Any alcove space in your living room, dining room or bedroom can be transformed into useful storage or display furniture. A bookcase, a media unit, a wardrobe, a home bar or even a mini office perhaps. Made-to-measure alcove cabinets hide away the clutter of modern life and give the room a feeling of calm, character and elegance.

No fireplace and alcoves? No problem

Take a look at this stunning bespoke alcove project which began with a completely blank wall, and we created both the fireplace and the alcove units. Our team at Acorn Bespoke Carpentry and Joinery could create something similar for your home.

If you want to make the most of alcoves in your home, here are a few things to consider, together with examples from some of the projects we have undertaken in Sussex, Surrey and London.

Choosing the style of your alcove units

What kind of look do you want for your alcove units? The classic style is low cupboards with open shelving, or a glass fronted cabinet above. However, you might want to opt for a floor to ceiling bookcase or ceiling or wall of geometric cubby holes.

Would you prefer a traditional style with classic panelled doors and moulded detailing? Or perhaps a minimalist look with sleek, handless doors that blend into the room.

For shelving, you need to consider whether to have floating shelves, which show the wall behind, or to have shelves with a backing. A backing can conceal an uneven wall and will create more stronger, more durable shelving, which is useful if you want to store and display heavy books. Floating shelves can make your space look larger.

Take a look here for an example of a sleek minimalist style of bespoke alcove unit 

What size alcove units?

Most alcove cupboards are built to a height of 75cm, which is a standard sideboard size. However, you might want a lower height if you plan to place a television on top. You also need to consider the depth of shelves and cupboards. They are usually built flush to the front of the alcove to minimise their visual impact. However, you could increase the depth to give your more storage space, but it is advisable not to have them protrude further than the hearth or mantlepiece as the effect will look unbalanced.

Design features and bespoke finish

Once you have decided on the basic design of your alcove units, you can plan additional features such as lighting to illuminate any display shelves or countertop.

In this London home, we installed bespoke alcove storage in the living room. The cupboard doors suit the period style of the property, while floating shelves add contemporary flair. Cables and wires can be concealed ensuring your room looks clutter free and elegant.

There are numerous options when it comes to the finish of your alcove units. You could choose natural wood such as European Oak which has a rich, golden hue. Or you could have a painted finish in any colour. Classic white is always popular, and there is also a growing trend to match the colour with the same shade as the walls. Another option is to choose a contrasting colour to make a statement and achieve a highly contemporary look.

Enjoy the benefits of beautiful, fitted alcove furniture from Acorn

All our alcove projects are bespoke so you can have any style and configuration you choose. We can also take care of every aspect of your project from concept to completion, ensuring the highest quality results with minimal disruption to you. If you are interested in having new bespoke alcove units for your home in London, Surrey or Sussex, why not contact us today? We would be delighted to assist you.

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