Four reasons to choose bespoke fitted wardrobes


Four reasons to choose bespoke fitted wardrobes

Why invest in bespoke fitted wardrobes over ‘off-the-shelf’ solutions? We report on four reasons homeowners in Surrey and Sussex choose to invest in our custom-made fitted wardrobes.

“I want to declutter and organise my bedroom”

Built-in wardrobes will transform a room that feels cluttered and cramped. Bespoke fitted wardrobes will open up the space in your bedroom, while a customised interior will allow you to neatly organise and store all your clothes and accessories. Cables and other distractions can all be concealed too; and the streamlined appearance of the cupboards will create a wonderful sense of uncluttered calm. See this bespoke hidden storage for a serene bedroom.

“I’ve got an awkward space and wonky wall”

If you have a period property with odd shaped rooms, uneven walls or a pitched roof, it will be impossible to find off-the-shelf furniture that fits or looks good in the space.

With bespoke fully fitted wardrobes you won’t be limited by the shape of the room. Every nook and cranny can be fully utilised and the wardrobes will fit perfectly around sloping ceilings, beams and other protruding features.

 “I want a unique style”

Having made to measure fitted wardrobes allows you to have the exact look you want. Natural hardwood, lacquered veneer, or any paint colour! Dark heritage shades such as a deep blue or a modern neutral like a dove grey. You can add character and originality through personal touches such as elegant fretwork, unusual handles and tailored lighting too.

Read more about choosing the colour of painted wardrobes.

“I want to have everything perfectly organised”

With custom made fitted wardrobes, you can have the storage completely personalised and configured to make your life easier. Thomas Streeter, Manager Director, Acorn Bespoke Carpentry and Joinery says: “We can create the beautifully organised wardrobe you’ve always dreamed about, whether that’s stylish shelving to showcase your handbags and shoes or lockable drawers for jewellery and watches.

Would you love luxury bespoke fitted wardrobes in your bedroom?

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