Home office storage ideas

Home office storage ideas

Home office storage ideas

Having the right storage for your bespoke home office will keep the space tidy and well-ordered. Take a look at these home office storage ideas to make your working life easier and more efficient.

Choose a variety of home office storage

Shelves for books and folders; deep drawers with file hangers for paperwork; slim drawers for stationery; and cupboards to hide away bulky equipment or boxes. A mix of hidden and exposed storage will create visual interest in the office without appearing too busy.

Made to measure shelves

Measure your shelving to fit all your items precisely, so there are no voids. Custom-built shelving can be in any configuration you need. As well as storing books, displaying photos or other items on open shelves will personalise your space.

Don’t forget about adding lighting to the shelves too, to illuminate photos or your desk area. Shelf cubes are another idea. Little cubby holes are ideal for those smaller frequently-used items such as pens or a stapler you need to grab quickly.

Filing cabinets and drawers

Every bespoke home office needs a safe place to store files and paperwork. But don’t settle for an ugly filing cabinet. Consider having a cabinet or unit purpose-built to suit the style of your home and to cater for all your different file sizes. The unit should be secure and lockable too, especially if you file sensitive information.

Custom-made storage cabinets, chests and bookcases

Upper wall cabinets, with solid wood doors or glazed panels, save on floor space. They also offer the perfect spot for undermount lighting for your work area. Lower cabinets are ideal for heavier office equipment, such as a server or printer, and large filing drawers. Small drawers and compartments are best for pens, paper clips and post-it notes.

Desk with storage

A desk without any storage will soon look untidy and disorganised. Opting for a desk with a cupboard or drawers will put your work essentials at your fingertips. In a compact space, you could consider having a wall mounted desk with a cabinet above.

Bespoke built in storage

If you have a lot of work paraphernalia, bespoke built in cabinetry can hide everything away. Tailored floor to ceiling or wall to wall storage will maximise every inch of space and look beautifully sleek and streamlined. If you are going for height, you’ll need to be able to reach the top shelves, so have a library-style ladder at the ready. Bespoke fitted office furniture will fit the dimensions of any space so it’s perfect for awkward shaped rooms or sloping ceilings.

Fit out an alcove

A neglected alcove can be transformed into a complete mini home office with a desk, upper cabinets, and space-saving storage. In fact, any little nook can be turned into effective storage. The space above a door, for instance, could be just the spot for box files. All it takes is some clever carpentry.

Integrate technology and cables

A workspace can often become cluttered with devices and wires. With a bespoke design, your office equipment and technology can be cleverly integrated in to your office furniture. with no unsightly wires or cables to be seen. This is an effective way to maximise space, and keep the space streamlined and free of distractions.

Bespoke home office storage tailored for the way you work

Take a look at some of our bespoke fitted home office solutions and please do contact us to find out how we can create fantastic storage for your home workspace in Surrey, Sussex, Kent or London.

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