How to commission bespoke fitted furniture for your luxury living room

Bespoke fitted furniture

How to commission bespoke fitted furniture for your luxury living room

Creating a luxurious living room is a priority for many people. After all, this is the room where we like to spend our leisure time. Bespoke fitted furniture can transform your living room into a clutter free, organised and relaxing space for everyone to enjoy.

Made-to-measure living room furniture has many advantages over off-the-shelf store-bought solutions as it is designed specifically for you and your home. Having built-in cupboards, clever storage and tailored shelving can make an incredible difference to your living room in terms of style, comfort and functionality.

Commissioning bespoke furniture is a wonderful opportunity to choose the exact style and features you want. So how do you decide what you want?

Step 1

First consider what you would like to incorporate in your bespoke living room unit. Your living room fitted furniture could incorporate a combination of a TV unit, bookcases, display shelving, cabinets and drawers. Every aspect can be made to measure to suit your needs.

Step 2

Research and browse platforms like Pinterest, Instagram and Houzz for inspiration and examples to help you hone your ideas. You are bound to come across styles, finish and features you haven’t seen or thought about before. It’s also a useful way to rule out fitted furniture designs that don’t appeal to you. You can then share your images with your bespoke furniture makers to convey the kind of fitted furniture you would like.

Step 3

Will the TV be the focal point? With large, flat screen televisions now a mainstay in our homes, they often replace a fireplace as the focal point of the living room. A bespoke media unit can enhance your living room by framing the television with custom made cabinets and shelving for either storage or display, depending on your needs. If you don’t want the TV to be the focal point, your bespoke fitted furniture could be designed with the option of concealing the television behind doors when you're not viewing.

Step 4

Make a list of what you want to store in your fitted furniture. How much space do you need to house digital boxes or speakers for instance? Would you like dedicated compartments for remotes, or drawers and cupboards for games consoles, controllers or a DVD collection?

Step 5

Decide if there are items you would like to display, such as art, books, family portraits or favourite ornaments. You may want to showcase treasured items on open shelves or in glass door cabinets, while everyday essentials are tidied away in cupboards or drawers.

Commissioning bespoke fitted furniture for your living room is the ideal opportunity to declutter and create order and organisation in your space.

As you can see here, the television is beautifully integrated into an artistic statement design that blends seamlessly with the existing decor to truly become part of your home.

Working with an experienced joiner and master carpenter, you can be sure your made-to-measure furniture will be beautifully designed and unique to your personal tastes and the specifications of your home.

Let us bring your fitted living room furniture ideas to life

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