How to create a luxurious home office or study


How to create a luxurious home office or study

A luxurious home office or study is a place which reflects your individuality and interests and makes working there a real pleasure. With custom-made furniture you will be able to have the perfect layout and right desk and storage for your needs.

Any space in your home can be turned into a luxury study or workstation with made to measure fitted office furniture, even if the room has beams, awkward angles or uneven walls. All it takes is clever design and expert joinery and carpentry skills.

Have a home office built uniquely for you

With bespoke office or study furniture, you can specify every aspect of the design, from customised storage to the size and style of your desk. Acorn can build an office interior that is tailored to your precise needs and personal comfort.

Have everything beautifully organised

Organisation is important in a home office. Whether you feel more productive in a space where everything is concealed within the cabinetry, or you prefer a studio-style setup with items displayed and instantly accessible, customised storage will ensure everything is beautifully organised.

Design the perfect desk

If you have the room you choose a freestanding desk in the centre of the room, with fitted shelves and cabinetry on one wall. Other ideas, include a corner desk or a fully integrated design combining shelving, cupboards and desk in one unit. Or a peninsula desk layout which gives you the feeling of a freestanding desk while keeping to a smaller footprint

Tidy your technology

While technology is essential for your productivity, screens, plug sockets and cables have the potential to impose on your design scheme. However, with bespoke furniture, all your technology can be discreetly and elegantly incorporated into the furniture itself, from pop up power points and wireless charging drawers to pull out drawers for equipment.

Layer your lighting

As well as the practical benefits, customised ambient lighting and a stylish task lamp will add to the luxe atmosphere. Also, shelving with integrated lighting will brighten areas of your room that would otherwise fall into shadow.

A luxury home office is all about personal comfort

Your home office or study should be a space you enjoy, surrounded with the things that inspire you and make you happy. Art, photographs, books will all elevate your working environment and make it a space you feel truly at home in.

Let Acorn Bespoke Joinery and Carpentry create your luxury home office

If you are planning to invest in a bespoke fitted office for your home in Sussex, Surrey, or Kent. Take a look at some of our bespoke fitted home office solutions and contact us  or call 01737 300206 to discuss your ideas.

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