Master suite trend: The ‘His and Her’ custom-made dressing room

Bespoke luxury ‘his and her’ dressing room

Master suite trend:
The ‘His and Her’ custom-made dressing room

A ‘His and Her’ custom-made dressing room is becoming an increasingly desirable asset. Many stylish couples are even willing to sacrifice a bedroom to create a master suite with private sleeping, dressing and bathing spaces.

The master bedroom suite is seen as a pleasurable sanctuary, particularly for parents in a busy family household. Having your own bespoke ’His and Her’ dressing room provides an ideal shared place to relax and chat while you’re getting ready to go out. Sophisticated lighting, sound system and other features can also add to the enjoyment of using the area every day.

Bespoke tailored ‘His and Her’ storage

Bespoke fitted storage allows you to fully enjoy and appreciate your clothing and accessories. By working with a bespoke furniture maker like Acorn Bespoke Carpentry and Joinery every millimetre of space can be cleverly crafted to accommodate everything you own, from bags and boots to coats and cufflinks. This is important in a ‘His and Her’ dressing room, as couples often have very different storage needs, such as rails for her long dresses or pull out racks for his ties.

From backlit shoe racks and lockable jewellery drawers to handbag carousels, no request is too challenging for us at Acorn Bespoke Carpentry and Joinery. With a customised dressing room, we can create an interior arrangement with all the features you need.

It is worth getting expert professional advice when you’re designing your dressing room. We work closely with our clients with them to plan the type of hanging rails, drawers, shelves and customised compartments they both need for all their clothes and belongings.

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