Nine benefits of bespoke fitted wardrobes

Made-to-measure built-in wardrobes are a luxurious necessity for homes in Surrey and Sussex. Thomas Streeter of Acorn Bespoke Carpentry & Joinery gives us the reasons why bespoke is the best choice for beautiful fitted hinged door and sliding door wardrobes.

1. Bespoke built-in wardrobes fit your bedroom like a glove.

If you are looking for new storage furniture for your bedroom, a bespoke fitted wardrobe will be the perfect option as it will be tailored to your needs and the space you have available. Every millimetre of available space can be maximised for storage and it can be designed with all the features you desire.

2. Bespoke fitted wardrobes are customised to fit oddly shaped rooms

If you have a sloping ceiling, uneven floor or awkward angles, a bespoke fitted wardrobe can be designed and handcrafted to fit the space exactly. A standard freestanding wardrobe, on the other hand, won’t fit neatly into an unusual space. It could also jut obtrusively out of an alcove; look bulky and use up unnecessary space. A bespoke fitted wardrobe can turn even the tightest corner into fantastic storage space for your clothes and belongings.

3. Designed to look stunning in your home

Whether you want to suit a traditional period property or you prefer a modern, minimalist design, your bespoke fitted bedroom wardrobe can be crafted in the style you choose. You can specify the way it looks from the finish to the handles; every detail can be crafted to create a look you will love.

4. Custom-built wardrobes are a lasting investment

When bedroom wardrobes are expertly handcrafted from the finest materials and built specifically for the space, they will be incredibly sturdy and durable and stand the test of time. Fitted wardrobes like these are an investment that will last a lifetime. All our doors and drawers are fitted with Blum ironmongery as standard, ensuring the ultimate in quality and longevity. Of course, if you move house you can’t take fitted wardrobes with you. However, it’s worth remembering that buyers will always put a premium on fantastic storage, especially in Surrey, Sussex and London homes.

5. Bespoke fitted wardrobes give you more storage space

With a freestanding bedroom wardrobe you have wasted space above and to the side of it. These gaps will also invariably attract dust and discarded knickknacks. In contrast, made to measure wardrobes can be built to fit the full height of the room. Designed with clever hanging and shelving options, you enjoy far more storage than with a freestanding wardrobe

If your room has a high ceiling, a bespoke fitted wardrobe can run from floor to ceiling, meaning you have no need for unsightly storage boxes on display.

6. Bespoke sliding wardrobe doors can enhance any space

When you’re choosing wardrobe doors, you need to think about the size and shape of your bedroom. If the space is restricted, opt for bespoke sliding or bi-fold doors which don’t require much room to open. Sliding wardrobe doors can also allow you to have a wardrobe that is a little deeper or wider, as you won’t need to allow for that extra space in the room to open the doors and get to your clothes.

7. Handcrafted bedroom wardrobe doors can be in any style

Whether you want a sliding glass door wardrobe, traditional real wood hinged door wardrobe, or a full mirror door wardrobe the choice of door styles is endless. Panelled, mirrored, Shaker, glazed, folding, sliding… And then you have the finish to consider. Natural hardwood, lacquered veneer or any paint colour you desire.

8. Made to measure fitted wardrobes have a seamless appearance

The best bespoke fitted wardrobes look and feel calming and organised. They are a perfect solution to cleverly conceal any unsightly wires, cables, controls or other distractions and will fit perfectly around coving or skirting boards or other fixed protruding details.

9. Customised interior to accommodate your storage needs

A standard freestanding wardrobe has standard rails and standard shelves. Having your own tailormade fitted wardrobe means you can have the interior space fitted out exactly as you want it. You can choose from hanging rails, shoe and trouser racks, and all kinds of specialist shelving and drawers made to measure in any combination you desire.

With an Acorn bespoke fitted wardrobe every handmade item, whether an integrated dressing table or a jewellery drawer, is beautifully crafted to function effortlessly with the best quality ironmongery and soft close mechanisms as standard.

Would you love bespoke fitted wardrobes for your home in Surrey or Sussex?

Take a look through our gallery of bespoke luxury built in fitted wardrobes we have created for our clients in Surrey and Sussex for inspiration and discover the stunning and impressive made to measure wardrobe options that are open to you.

Wonderful fitted wardrobes, exquisitely crafted

Having a luxury Bespoke by Acorn fitted wardrobe allows you to have every detail completely tailored; with beautiful doors concealing a vast array of storage options, all perfectly organised to hold every item in your collection.

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