Plan your dream bespoke fitted dressing room

Bespoke fitted dressing room

Plan your dream bespoke fitted dressing room

Are you interested in having a beautiful bespoke fitted dressing room installed in your home in Surrey or Sussex? Thomas Streeter of Acorn Bespoke Carpentry and Joinery, shares his expert advice on creating a bespoke fitted dressing room that’s uniquely tailored for you.

Where will you install a made to measure dressing room?

Using a specialist carpentry and joinery firm like Acorn, a custom-made, fitted dressing room can make the most of any available space, whether that’s a small box room, a corner of your master suite or the end of a corridor. With our inhouse 3D technology you can explore and visualise layouts, storage options and materials. 

What customised dressing room storage features would you like?

An Acorn made to measure fitted dressing room will be carefully constructed to suit your specific storage needs. Perhaps you would like a lockable jewellery drawer? Illuminated shelves to display your best pieces? Or pull out trays for socks or sunglasses? A bespoke built in dressing room is the perfect opportunity to organise your outfits with dedicated spaces for all your belongings.

How would you like your bespoke fitted dressing room to look?

Would you like storage with doors or open displays so you can see everything at a glance? Most custom-made dressing rooms have a mix of both, but it’s entirely up to you. It can be uniquely designed to suit your style, whether that’s a traditional or modern design, and in a natural wood finish or painted in the perfect colour.

View an Acorn bespoke dressing room in fashionable grey

“A fitted handcrafted dressing room will make your everyday life easier, give you a tailored space to organise your belongings and add value to your home,” says Thomas Streeter of Acorn Bespoke Carpentry and Joinery. “We can design and craft a dressing room with every detail you want."

So, if you are planning a stylish, organised made-to-measure dressing room for your home in Surrey or Sussex, please contact us today to discuss your ideas.

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