Six reasons to choose a bespoke hardwood front door


Six reasons to choose a bespoke hardwood front door

A bespoke hardwood front door can transform the entrance to your home. Real wood, when crafted in expert hands, is the most beautiful, natural and long-lasting material for a front door.

1. Real quality

Wood has a natural beauty, warmth and texture that you won’t find in a man-made material. When made to measure by a skilled artisan, a heavy, solid wood door provides unparalleled luxury and security.

2. Eco friendly

Front doors made using hardwood from sustainable forests are a more environmentally friendly option than other door materials, such as uPVC. Wood is renewable, natural and sustainable. At Acorn Bespoke Carpentry and Joinery, we carefully source and select the most sustainable FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) wood, which ensures forests are replanted and responsibly managed.

3. Strong, durable and secure

Custom-made doors, crafted traditionally using mortice and tenon construction, have great strength and will last for years and years. European oak is particularly suited to front doors. A heavy, dense hardwood, it withstands the elements incredibly well and will stand the test of time giving your home the look of quality it deserves.

4. A Natural insulator

Solid hardwood is a highly effective insulator, with excellent thermal and sound insulation qualities. Having a snug, flawless fit also helps to conserve energy and insulate from noise.

5. Suitable for period properties

A hardwood door is ideal for homes in conservation areas where a traditional look is vital as it can be designed to retain the character of a period property. Oak, in particular, has a classic appearance with an English rural heritage and looks particularly at home in listed buildings and countryside dwellings.

6. Totally original

Handmade wooden doors can look sleek and minimalist or incorporate unique details such as panelling, mouldings, edging and glazing. The only limit is your imagination. A bespoke front door is handcrafted just for you; and can be a completely original design custom-built to your specification. Whether it’s simple and traditional front door with side lights or grand and ornately carved, a bespoke door provides you with exactly what you want for the entrance to your home.

A front door that’s welcoming, attractive, strong and secure, shows that the home is well cared for and valued. That’s why it’s worth investing in the very best door crafted to fit perfectly from the very highest quality hardwood.

Choose a local expert joinery company to craft your new hardwood front door

Acorn Bespoke Carpentry and Joinery hardwood front doors are made to order in our local workshop in Surrey and we take great pride in every door we make. If you are interested in investing in a bespoke hardwood door in Surrey, Sussex or West London please contact us or call 01737 300206 for a free initial design consultation and no obligation quotation.