Sheet Materials | Egger

Here at Acorn, we work with a huge range of different sheet materials. And we can order any type of sheet material specified for your project.

In the other category, we have tried to explain the difference between MFC and veneered boards. Below is some information about some of the other sheet materials we use regularly

MDF: We only use medite premier mdf for our sprayed furniture. As with anything there are several different grades of mdf. The lower the quality, the less tightly packed together the fibres are.

MR MDF: Moisture resistant mdf for use in areas with a higher moisture content. We also use this for the rails on our shaker style doors, as it is more stable.

Birch plywood: We use this for our bespoke handmade kitchens, when it is specified. Birch plywood compromises thin layers of birch, cross banded together. The result is an attractive edge on the ply, which a lot of people like to see bare. We use 24mm birch ply for the shelves on our fitted furniture projects, so that they don’t sag over time.

External MDF: For a number of different external applications

Profiled MDF: For cladding. This is available in several types including bead and butt panelling and V grooved profiles.