The advantages of bespoke corner wardrobes


The advantages of bespoke corner wardrobes

A bespoke corner wardrobe is the perfect example of made to measure furniture which makes the most effective use of available space in a room. Custom-made corner wardrobes are increasingly popular because of this clever space-saving ability, as well as the pleasing visual style they can bring to a bedroom.

Fill a dead space with customised storage

Corners of rooms and their sharp angles can present a challenge when you’re planning your bedroom furniture. Which is why they are often under-utilised as most furniture won’t fit neatly or easily. But you don’t need to leave that corner lying empty and unused. The answer is to have a bespoke made to measure corner wardrobe that is made precisely to fit the angled recess perfectly.

A bespoke corner wardrobe optimises space

Having a custom-made wardrobe, whether free-standing or built-in, will maximise the amount of storage in your bedroom or dressing room and ensure not a single inch of space is wasted. When custom-built, a corner wardrobe can transform an awkward recess into prime storage.

Ideal for high-ceilinged bedrooms

Bespoke corner wardrobes are ideal for rooms with high ceilings. This homeowner in Haywards Heath, West Sussex turned to Acorn Bespoke Carpentry and Joinery to create this magnificent bespoke tall corner wardrobe which maximises the use of vertical space for storage, without encroaching into the room.

A large floor to ceiling corner wardrobe, especially incorporating drawers as shown here, can reduce the need for other items of furniture in the room. Doing away with the need for extra items of storage furniture, will free up floor space and save money too.

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A bespoke corner wardrobe made uniquely for you

Whether you’d prefer your fitted corner wardrobe to make a statement or blend into the bedroom, a bespoke design can look just as you want. Doors can be shaker, panelled, glazed, hinged, folding… and in any finish. Natural hardwood, lacquered veneer or any paint colour you desire.

“As skilled carpenters who specialise in made to measure fitted furniture, we can make a corner wardrobe that will be customised to suit you and your room. We’ll be able to incorporate all kinds of storage features you’d like to, from adjustable hanging rails, shelves and drawers of varying depths to compartments, pull down racks and pull out trays,” explains Thomas Streeter, Managing Director of Acorn Bespoke Carpentry and Joinery

Start planning your luxury corner wardrobe today

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