The advantages of bespoke fitted alcove units

The advantages of bespoke fitted alcove units

Most homes in Surrey, Sussex and West London have alcoves, recesses and other nooks and crannies that can be put to amazing use with bespoke fitted alcove units. At Acorn Bespoke Carpentry and Joinery, we’re skilled at exploiting these underused pockets of space to create beautiful and practical installations.

So, don’t let an empty corner or odd-shaped alcoves go to waste, put them to fantastic use with bespoke fitted furniture. Here are just a few ways to transform those unused recesses in your home.

Fireplace alcoves

Most period properties in Surrey and Sussex have chimney breast alcoves. We are experts in creating made to measure furniture for these spaces, ranging from beautifully lit units to media cabinets with cables and gadgets all hidden neatly from view. Any combination of cupboards, shelves and drawers will be possible and for any purpose. As you can see from the following ideas.

Fitted home office

An alcove can be the perfect size for a handy built-in workspace. The desk, filing cabinet and shelving can all be tailormade to suit you and the space. You could even hide it away behind a door when not in use.

Illuminated display

Bespoke shelving will look stunning with built-in LED lighting. As well as highlighting pictures and ornaments, it will add a wonderful atmosphere to a room, especially at night.

Built-in seating
An alcove or recess can be an ideal spot for a comfortable bench-style seat with a lift-up lid and storage beneath. It’s a great way to increase the seating and storage capacity in a room and you can easily update and refresh the look with cushions and throws too.

Cocktail cabinet or home bar

Love entertaining? Then why not let us tuck in a bespoke fitted drinks cabinet for you, with customised storage for bottles and glassware? You could even add a glamorous mirrored back and a marble worktop for mixing drinks.

Hallway storage

Create a clutter-free hall with a nifty nook fitted out with customised storage for coats, boots, umbrellas and bags. And don’t forget under the stairs where a clever design can maximise storage to stunning effect.

Vanity unit

You might not have room for a freestanding dressing table, but there’s every chance we could slot a customised unit with a mirror into an alcove for you. Even the pokiest space could be become a handy well-lit spot with storage for beauty items and accessories.

Craft corner

Why not turn a cubby hole into a well-organised, dedicated space to work on your projects with tailored, built in storage for your materials?

Fitted alcoves in any style

Whatever type of unit you decide on, it can be custom designed in any style, from traditional with classic detailing to modern minimalist with flush touch-to open doors or floating shelves. Whether you want a grand country house look or a discreet design that blends into the background, we can create the perfect design for you and your home.

Bespoke alcove units for Sussex and Surrey homes

If you live in Horsham or the surrounding Sussex, Surrey or West London area, please get in touch with us to discuss how bespoke fitted furniture could transform an unused corner of your home.