Time to build your dream office at home?


Time to build your dream office at home?

The increasing number of city dwellers moving to villages in areas such as Surrey and Sussex, highlights the latest trend for reduced commuting as more people decide to work more from home. This change of life style is leading many workers to think about how they can have a bespoke office that fits their needs at home.

The modern homeworker needs a dedicated, separate office with the right desk and storage if they are to be professional, private and productive. But what if you don’t have a spare room to turn into an office? The answer could lie in your garage, shed or attic perhaps.

Where could Bespoke By Acorn create your bespoke office?

With our expert carpentry and joinery team, you could:

  • give an unused garage a new lease of life and turn all or part of it into a fantastic office,
  • transform an old outbuilding into a beautiful workplace,
  • build a freestanding, all-weather timber garden room,
  • use your loft conversion to provide a bespoke office space

Any of these ideas would be easier, quicker and far less expensive than building an extension onto your property, yet still give you the ultimate convenience of your own bespoke office or studio. Also, most outbuildings, garden rooms, garage conversions and loft conversions do not require any planning permission. If you would like advice on converting a space into a home office, do get in touch with us at Acorn. We can assess your project’s feasibility and structural integrity and inform you of any necessary building regulations.

Wood is the natural choice for a bespoke home office

Timber is the most popular choice of material to build and fit out a home office, from windows and doors to built-in desks and cabinets. It’s a natural, renewable material that and fits beautifully into any home or garden setting. Great quality wood stands the test of time too, lasting for generations.

Experts in bespoke fitted home office furniture

Like any work place, your home office will be somewhere you’ll spend a lot of time, so it’s vital that every aspect is well constructed for comfort and practicality.

Our team of skilled carpenters and joiners can create a home office or work studio with fitted furniture that is tailored to your precise needs, with space-saving features and innovative solutions to incorporate the technology you need for effective home working. When well-constructed and designed to a high standard, your home office will be a place you’ll enjoy working in for years to come.

Friendly, efficient and great value carpentry and joinery service

View some of our bespoke fitted home office solutions or contact us today and find out how we could create the perfect office for your home in Sussex, Surrey, Kent or London. We would love the opportunity to discuss your ideas, so please do contact us or call 01737 300206 today for a free design consultation and no obligation quotation.

At Acorn Bespoke Carpentry and Joinery, we will take care of your home office project with quality craftmanship from the planning and design stage right through to wiring and decorating. Click here to find out more about our made to measure carpentry and joinery service.

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