Trending: Handmade traditional cottage kitchens


Trending: Handmade traditional cottage kitchens

Dreaming of a handmade traditional cottage kitchen? Also known as a country or farmhouse kitchen, it’s a style that’s loved for its timeless, charming, lived-in look. It’s all about beautifully-made furniture in natural materials and light vintage colours that give you a sense of comfort, history and relaxation.

Handcrafted cabinetry in solid wood

Kitchen cabinetry in a simple shaker-style is perfect for a country cottage kitchen. Traditionally handcrafted and made to measure from real wood, cabinets like these have great strength and durability. The doors are usually finished in a neutral colour such as cream or grey, a classic pastel such as light blue or sage, or are simply left unpainted to showcase the beautiful wood. Wood adds a lovely natural rustic feel to a country kitchen. As well as cabinets and shelving, your worktops could be custom-made in solid wood too. Oak has a natural warmth and exceptionally strong with a beautiful timeless appearance.

Traditional craftmanship, timeless appeal

Most older properties have uneven walls and unusual angles. “We carefully design and build everythißng to fit snugly around features like wooden beams and quirky alcoves,” says Thomas Streeter, Managing Director of Acorn Bespoke Carpentry and Joinery. “To keep the timeless look, modern appliances and gadgets can be hidden behind made to measure doors. The end result will be a kitchen that works perfectly and looks as though it’s always belonged there.”

Other typical cottage kitchen features

Other features of a typical country cottage kitchen, include open shelving used to display pretty crockery and pots of herbs. A traditional sink, such as a large square Belfast or wider shallower Butler sink. A peg rail for hanging kitchen accessories. And, increasingly today, in place of the farmhouse table, we’re crafting kitchen islands. A bespoke kitchen island gives you extra preparation and storage space, and can house appliances too.

Are you planning a new bespoke cottage kitchen for your home?

At Acorn Bespoke Carpentry and Joinery, we specialise in creating exquisite traditionally crafted bespoke kitchens for properties in Surrey, Sussex, London and across the South East of England. So, if you’re planning a cottage kitchen and would like to explore the bespoke options, then please contact us or call 01737 300206 for a free initial design consultation and no obligation quotation.