Trending: the bespoke home office and playroom combination


Trending: the bespoke home office and playroom combination

A recent new interior design trend is the bespoke home office and playroom combination. This multipurpose idea has come about because so many parents with young families are continuing to work from home.

When you don’t have separate rooms for both a playroom and a home office, you can certainly combine the two with specially designed, versatile made to measure fitted furniture. All it takes is clever carpentry and expert joinery skills!

Fitted out for work and play

A multi-functional home office and playroom allows you to get your work done while also keeping an eye on your little ones. Even if you only spend an hour or two on the computer at home, this combination is still a smart way to make worktime and playtime easier, while also saving space in the home. With a well-planned, adaptable design, the room will also functional beautifully as the children get older as a space for homework and hobbies.

Transforming a room into a multifunctional space

Perhaps you have a formal dining room or guest room you rarely use, or an attic or basement which could be turned into an inviting and comfortable home office and playroom. To make the most of a multipurpose room, leave no space without purpose. Corners can be fitted with L-shaped custom made cabinetry, walls can be adorned with vertical storage and shelves which will also free-up floor space, and counter tops can become useable desk space.

Bespoke storage is a must for a well-organised space

Bespoke built-in furniture makes the best use of available space, while customised storage will make it easier to stay tidy and organised. Acorn can tailor cupboards, drawers and shelving so that office equipment, paperwork and playthings can all have a designated space. This will also save time, as you’ll always know exactly where everything is.

Contact us to create your perfect multifunctional room

If you would like advice on creating a fabulous multipurpose room in your Surrey or Sussex home, do get in touch with us at Acorn. Our team of skilled carpenters and joiners are experts in bespoke fitted furniture and space-saving features. We can create a home office and playroom with fitted furniture that is tailored to your precise needs and beautifully constructed for comfort and practicality. We would love the opportunity to discuss your plans, so please get in touch with us at Acorn or call us on 01737 300206 today.

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