Doors to Suit

As you will see from our extensive gallery, there are a lot of different option to choose from in terms of door styles. Please see a list below of the popular styles:

Plain Shaker Style: This is our most popular door by far. Timeless and classic. This style will never go out of fashion

Shaker Style with Larger Bottom and Middle Rails: This is for a more traditional look. If you have a Victorian or Georgian house / flat. Then this style may suit your property. We normally like to try and tie our furniture in with the style of the house

High Gloss Push to Open: For the modern project

Glazed Doors: As you will see in our glass and glazing section, we can source any type of glass required for your project

Bead and Butt Doors: For a very old fashioned look. If you have an older property, then maybe this is the style that would suit your project

Handleless Doors: For when you don’t want the push to open option. But don’t want any handles protruding from the door. We can house a handle detail into the door for you. This will then be sprayed to match the rest of the door

Panelled Doors: There is a huge range of different louvre panels to choose from. So if you have a radiator we need to work around. Or if you want the remote control signal to get through the doors. Then maybe this is the option for you

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Below a collection of images that we have built up over the years.